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Ancillary Sword Review

Posted: Tuesday September 15 2015 @ 6:03pm

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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie

The second in the Imperial Radch trilogy (series?) was okay, but disappointing in many ways. Most of the cool things from the first book are missing here, but there's nothing new to replace them. We do get some insight into Radch society, but we lose the delicious interaction with non-Radch society from the first book. Also gone, by necessity I know, is the ancillary multiple-first-person perspective that was the showcase of the first book.

That basically leaves the plot, and the plot is weak in terms of the trilogy. It's fine as a standalone book, but it seems petty and small in view of the overall story arc. The fuller trilogy story arc doesn't seem to move along any. In terms of the trilogy, we're basically killing time.

Maybe if the first book hadn't had so many sweet aspects, then this one would look better.

I'm still looking forward to the the third book.

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