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Planetfall Review

Posted: Sunday November 29 2015 @ 7:17pm

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Planetfall - Emma Newman

I've been known to complain about books when the reveals don't come as a surprise, most recently with Lightless, but I also complained about Parasite having a truly great reveal that it made way too obvious halfway through the book, long before it actually confirmed it.

Planetfall does it right. Bad things are revealed, but slowly, deliciously so. Okay, so I maybe figured one out early. Otherwise, each one was a delight.

Combine this with a protagonist I both liked and really found confounding, in a good way. She's a complicated character, but one I could still identify with, even when disagreeing with her courses of action.

The ending might not be quite enough for some folks, but it suited me just fine.

Overall, it was a good combination of a plot-driven storyline and a meaty character arc.

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