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Probability Moon Review

Posted: Wednesday August 05 2015 @ 2:32pm

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Probability Moon offers some tasty science fiction with a hard edge. It involves humans visiting another planet, with a well-realized society. Some of the alien culture and turns of phrase are simply delightful. The human characters are more complex than they first appear. Two related plotlines are deftly handled. I found them equally interesting. All in all, it's a cracking good tale that sets the stage for two more books in a trilogy.

In some ways, the alien society reminds me a little of what the Sparrow could have been in more capable SF hands, and shorn of its preoccupation with religious issues. Although I guess that wouldn't leave much, would it.

I've also read through one of her short story collections, which I enjoyed. I'm part way through another. Based on what I've read in those collections, I'll be passing on her Beggars in Spain trilogy, whose founding novella gives way more time than needed to dispose of Ayn Randian philosophical nonsense. (That novella won both Hugo and Nebula awards? Seriously?)

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