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Posted: Friday September 04 2009 @ 9:54am

Religious Order: Food

Just got back from a short business trip to Atlanta. Atlanta is a good place for business meetings. It's a short direct flight for me. And the MARTA can get you from the airport to most places you want to go. (Although, this trip, I had to take a shuttle.)

But, most importantly, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a BBQ place in Atlanta. Even out in the suburbs, where I was, they're easy to find.

I was only in town for a couple days, so only managed two places, both small-scale chains.

One was Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q. Good brisket. Decent pulled pork. Overly fatty ribs. Wonderful little things they call cheese biscuits. They're more like really light muffins. Sort of an unsweetened angel food cake studded with tiny pieces of cheese. Yum!

Tried a few of their sides as well. The fried green tomatoes tasted like breading. The baked beans were good, but it's hard to ruin baked beans.

Finally, they had T-shirts that said You can smell our butts for miles.

Later, I was looking for another place to eat, and saw Shane's Rib Shack. You tend to find them in strip malls. They look like a Subway or a Tropical Smoothie Cafe. So I looked a little harder and found an actual non-chain called, I kid you not, Bubba's Biscuits and BBQ. And the few reviews I could find online were glowing. Plus, I love biscuits nearly as much as I love BBQ.

So we drove to Bubba's for dinner, only to find that they close at 2pm most weekdays. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

So we settled on Shane's. While the ambiance was certainly lacking, the food was actually quite good. The pulled pork was a little dry, but they had a good mustard-based BBQ sauce that moistened it up just fine.

I love mustard-based BBQ sauces. They're less sweet than tomato-based. But they're not as lip-puckering as vinegar-based. If you want to try one, email me and I'll send you a recipe from Cook's Country or Cook's Illustrated. (I don't remember which. Doesn't matter. Made by the same folks.) It's a snap to make. It's basically yellow mustard, white vinegar, brown sugar, and a few spices. You don't even need to cook it.

Shane's ribs were darn good. Very meaty, with a nice kicky sauce. Very tender, but not too tender.

My sides were beans, which were just fine, and a really nice cole slaw. The slaw was crunchy with just enough dressing to hold it together. Really fresh and bright, just how I likes it.

So, for a chain in a strip mall, this is pretty good stuff!

Tragically, I had to leave town and wasn't able to try Bubba's. I tried to console myself with some Popeye's biscuits at the airport.

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