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Let's Bowl

Posted: Tuesday January 03 2012 @ 6:59pm

Religious Order: Movies

When you think of Minnesota and TV, of what do you think?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Well, okay, it was a brilliant show, set in Minnesota, but it's not actually a product of Minnesota. (And, please, don't say Coach or I swear I will come over there and slap some taste into you.)

Mystery Science Theater 3000? Yes, a fine show, one that I started watching before you. Yes, before you. I am so incredibly fucking cool that I watched the very first episode on KTMA, called in after the show and left a message, and had my message played on the next show. (Not the second episode, which was shown immediately after the first. I mean the next time the show was on. So, that would be episode 3, which I can't find on YouTube. But I do know that the clip with my message is online somewhere, I just don't remember where anymore. If you find it, I'm the guy screaming for more.)

But, while MST3K was certainly made in Minnesota, it didn't really have a Minnesota vibe.

If you want a TV show that was both made in Minnesota and feels like Minnesota, then what you want is Let's Bowl. It's a competitive bowling show where two folks with a beef meet each other on the alley of justice to battle for victory.

It's really weird and funny and half-assed. It features local bands, too. Some, like Soul Asylum, of which you probably know. Others, like Manplanet, you probably don't, but should. Occasionally, local restaurants will cater the crowd. Alas, as with most things of demented genius, it didn't last long, a mere two seasons.

I have a few episodes on VHS, which I transfered to DVD. And you can order get most of the episodes on DVD from this one guy online. (He has the blessing of the show's creators.)

But, really, are you going to shell out money for some niche show simply because I recommended it?

Wait! Don't answer that! Because you can now watch it online for free! The DVD guy put most of the episodes online to stream or download. And they're free, although you should kick a buck or two his way to help defray bandwidth costs.

There! Don't say I never did nuthin' for ya!

Avatar for Tommy Tommy blathered on about something on Wednesday January 04 2012 @ 10:02am

I kicked them $10, which should cover roughly 200 download.

So go get yourself some, guilt-free!

Avatar for Thomas Yager Thomas Yager blathered on about something on Tuesday August 26 2014 @ 7:12pm

how can I purchase the dvd's?

Avatar for Tommy Tommy blathered on about something on Wednesday August 27 2014 @ 5:46am

Alas, the DVD page is no longer there.

The best place to ask is probably the Facebook page for it:

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