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Posted: Tuesday September 15 2015 @ 5:47pm

Religious Order: Politics

I recently ran across a pro-choice argument I hadn't seen before. It's a really good one and shows how the pro-life crowd isn't really trying to protect innocent little babies but is really all about controlling women.

Here's it in a nutshell: Other than with abortion, we don't violate the body integrity of other people. We simply don't, regardless of the effect that might have on other lives. People have full control over their own bodies, regardless.

Here are some examples. If I had a kid, who was dying of kidney failure, we would not, as a society, force me to donate a kidney, even if I was the only possible donor and would survive with only one. This is despite the fact that the kid would die in due order without the transplant and the fact that the kid is obviously a full sentient human being.

Wait, it gets better. If I had a kid who was dying and in need of a bone marrow transplant, and I was the only match, society still wouldn't force that marrow out of me. It's not even a permanent personal loss, like a kidney. I'll create more marrow to replace what is taken. Still, my right to do what I want with my own body overrides the needs of other fully sentient human beings.

But wait, it gets better! If my kid was in need of a blood transfusion, would die without it, and I was the only match available in time, society still wouldn't legally force me to give up the blood. Society might hate me, and rightfully so. Society might shun me. But my refusal wouldn't be illegal. Despite the utterly transient nature of giving blood, we still wouldn't make me give it up.

No, wait, we can go further! My kid could be literally dying for an organ transplant, and I could have just died and be the only match. They still couldn't take my organs without my prior consent or the consent of my legal representation. I'm fucking dead! I have no use for the organs! But we take body integrity so seriously that the kid would die before society legally decided that the kid's life overrode my right to decide what happens to my body.

Unless I'm female and pregnant. Then suddenly society thinks it has a say. Suddenly a wee clump of cells is the overriding concern.

If that sounds like fucking bullshit, it's because it's fucking bullshit.

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