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Posted: Friday January 20 2017 @ 7:27am

Religious Order: Politics

And so it begins today, the dismantling of a first world country.

Make no mistake, Republicans today do not want a first world country. They look with envy upon countries full of uneducated poor working in sweatshops for the gain of a cadre of elites. That's where they're taking us. They've been taking the south that way for quite a while now.

Trump's cabinet picks show this. With the exception of DHS, they're purposely chosen as folks willing to dismantle the very institutions with which they are being charged.

Trump's budget shows this, cutting programs that help people and selling off public services to the highest bidder.

Will this bring folks together? Maybe. A colleague and I, who are usually on opposite sides of most issues had a great conversation, based on our dismay at Trump and what it means.

But I fear the opposite. I fear that the populace is too far gone, too enraptured with hatred of the other in place of self-pride. I fear people are too ready to accept whatever lies make them feel good. I had an interesting conversation with a relative who called me, out of the blue, just to talk politics. He was certain that Trump was actually, despite all evidence to the contrary, a good man. He was equally convinced that Clinton was, despite any supporting evidence, the "devil incarnate."

What's for certain is that we're at the start of a steep nose-dive. The only real question is whether we can pull out of it before we crash.

Someone once asked me what my political philosophy was. I answered that I'm a fatalist. I do think this country is doomed, but I'll go down fighting.

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