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Posted: Wednesday February 10 2010 @ 7:06am

Religious Order: Politics

When it comes to porn, the court system is just fucked up.

The whole idea of community standards is just wrong. Why should someone's First Amendment rights ever be subject to the opinions of people who happen to be geographically close to them? It conflicts with the very idea of people having rights unassailable by the majority. It's nuts.

But, at least it's somewhat workable. If you don't like the community standards in one area, you can move to another. You shouldn't have to, but you can.

But now we have a mind-boggling stupid court decision regarding online porn.

Here's the deal: The court held that porn material online can be held to the community standard of any community in which they can be viewed. Let that sink in for a minute.

Yes, that means that you could produce a piece of porn in Los Angeles, put it online, and someone in Podunkville could watch it and then have you arrested for violating their local community standards.

Or, as one Slashdot comment put it:

So by that measure we should censor all pictures of women's faces as it violates the decency standards of Iran.

Now, let me be clear, Max Hardcore is a slime-ball asshole. If you get off on his movies, you have serious issues and you should see a shrink. Seriously.

But as long as the people making the movies and watching the movies are doing it of their own free will, it shouldn't be illegal.

But now, under this ruling, anything on the net is now subject to the standards of, say, Utah.

Oh, wait, Utah consumes the most porn, per capita, of any state in the union. Gee, I wonder why?

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Oh, that takes me back!

There should be a plug-in that changes Facebook's "Like" links to "REC".

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