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Palin: Uncomfortable Around Minorities

Posted: Monday December 07 2009 @ 8:28am

Religious Order: Politics

So, Sarah Palin managed to last one lone semester in college in Hawai'i. Why is that, other than her natural tendancy to quit things?

According to her own father, in this dual book review, it was because she was uncomfortable with all the minorities!

The irony, of course, is that white folks are a minority in Hawai'i. She wasn't uncomfortable with minories. She was uncomfortable being the minority.

Yeah, boo-fucking-hoo!

Now she should know what black folks, or any other minority, deal with every fucking day. It could have been a valuable learning experience. But no, she goes to Idaho of all places to bask in her whiteness. Then she gains fame with us versus them talk. She's a Real American and everyone not like her isn't.

Well, fuck her and fuck each and every person dumb enough to think she's hot shit. You're half right. Ha ha ha!

[via The New Republic, via The Raw Story]

(I got about one hour of sleep last night and I'm extra fucking cranky.)

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