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Posted: Tuesday October 11 2016 @ 10:55am

Religious Order: Politics

Geez, I haven't posted for months! If only there was something going on about which to pontificate! Oh, wait...

There's a strange pro-Trump argument I've seen lately. It goes like this:

  1. Clinton did something awful.
  2. Trump has not had the opportunity to do the same thing (or worse), although he's stated he will do worse, or his temperament could easily lead him to do worse.
  3. Therefore, we can prefer Trump over Clinton because he hasn't done the awful thing.

The one I've seen most recent said "At least Trump hasn't committed genocide."

And, yes, it's true. As Secretary of State, Clinton has killed more folks via military action than Trump had. The idiocy is assuming that because Trump hasn't, Trump won't.

I view it like this. Clinton has, in the past, had limited access to a vast armory of weapons. She's much more likely to use them than I would. And, now and then, she fires off a shotgun at a group when other options would be better.

Trump has no access, current or past, to the armory, yet screams about using all of the weapons against a variety of targets while showing no understanding of the targets and how they relate to each other. Furthermore, he has an obvious hair-trigger and feels a pathological need to strike back against any perceived slight.

We have to decide which person to give full access to the armory.

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