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Posted: Monday November 07 2016 @ 11:26am

Religious Order: Politics

On the eve of the election, talk of rigged elections and the need for tighter controls will continue. After all, some student here in Virginia recently tried to register multiple times in order for vote for Clinton, while there have been a smattering of Trump supporters caught mailing in a ballot, then trying to early vote a second time, with the excuse that they were worried the original vote would be thrown away. So how can we say that voter fraud isn't a problem?

Because the operative word above is "tried." They tried and they were caught. They almost always get caught.

But Tom, isn't it a problem that they tried? No. No it's not.

Let's look at an analogy. Suppose I set up an email system with spam filters. The system passes through 1.2 billion emails successfully, but 30 spam messages get through. Yes, more than 30 spam messages were sent, but only 30 got through.

If you looked at that system and told me I had a spam problem, I'd tell you to fuck off. The system works when it comes to preventing spam from being delivered.

If you further told me I had to tighten down my spam rules, even though it would result in many valid messages not getting through, and those rejected messages would mainly be to people of color, I'd hit you with a fucking baseball bat because it's damn obvious you're not worried about spam, but rather want to prevent delivery of messages to people of color.

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