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Holy Revamp Batman!

Posted: Sunday November 29 2009 @ 5:34pm

Religious Order: PolkaDot

I just finished migrating the Secular Xmas site to PolkaDot, a half-assed blogging system I wrote long ago. Since the site was organized as a blog, I figured it might as well be one, instead of being a set of static pages.

That does mean that, suddenly, every post over there is dated today, in the order they were copied up to the server. So some newer things are buried and some older things show up right away.

That makes this a good time to explore the site! Whee!!!

Putting this on PolkaDot also allows for commenting, which works exactly as it does here, with the same limitations.

An additional feature common to this site is that the posts show Mountain Standard Time, reflecting the time zone of the server. I really should put something into the software to let you shift the time zone to your local time. But I know perfectly well that I'll never get to it.

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