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Is Facebook Killing Personal Blogs?

Posted: Sunday March 08 2009 @ 5:39pm

Religious Order: Technology

This has been bothering me. Once you start using Facebook, does that then cause you to pay less attention to your own personal blog? I'd hate for that to happen. Facebook is nice and all, but still gives you a fairly shallow view of a person. Certainly, it doesn't give you the sort of view that a personal blog can.

And I seem to be posting less once I started actually using Facebook. Anne, too.

But Facebook does have those neat social connection features. Certainly, none of the people from my High School class are going to happen across my blog.

Luckily, it turns out that Facebook claims you can have it import an external blog. You give it an RSS feed URL and it loads up the posts as separate notes in Facebook. It will also periodically check the feed for new posts, adding them as new Notes.

I imported this blog, for shits and giggles, and it seemed to work. We'll see if this new post eventually shows up as a Facebook Note. (It could take a few hours. They don't constantly ping blogs.)

The question left unanswered? How offended will old High School classmates be by my blog posts?

(Of course, I was a loud, opinionated, atheist asshole in High School, too.)

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