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What the Hell is the Globe Thing?

Posted: Friday June 12 2009 @ 6:33pm

Religious Order: Technology

Just what is that little globe on the left that replaced the out-of-date Wordle? It's a little flash thingie that tracks from where visitors come. Each time someone comes to this page and stays for more than 15 minutes, their IP address is converted to a geological location and marked on the globe with a red dot. If you click on the globe, you're taken to a different site that provides a bigger globe. Hovering over the red dots there will tell you more about the location.

It's a freebie service. I think they use it as a way to bring you to their site and then sell you related services. Or maybe they collect your locations for some nefarious purpose.

Here's a quick list of the countries, other than the US, from which visitors have arrived over the past 24 hours:

The How To Make Tea page has its own little globe. It doesn't get as many visitors and many never look at the blog itself. Here's a few countries more concerned with tea than sexy red-headed nuns:

Obviously, this blog doesn't get a ton of visitors. But I am genuinely amazed that people visit it from all these far-flung places.

I feel a bit silly about that. I set up my first web site in 1993. The global nature of the net shouldn't surprise me at all. Yet it still does.

But, what I really want to know is: Where's the Norwegian love? I hope this isn't because I declared War on Norway, twice.

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