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I Hate U3

Posted: Sunday March 01 2009 @ 7:50pm

Religious Order: Technology

What is U3, you ask? It's a code thingie that sits on a USB thumb drive and lets you run several different programs directly from the thumb drive. I hates it! I hates it!

Here's what's wrong:

1) There are plenty of better ways to run apps off of a thumb drive. Just Google portable apps to find a whole slew of them.

2) It runs whenever you plug the drive into a Windows-based computer. And that's just rude. It's also dangerous. Things should never auto-run when you plug something in, be it a thumb drive, a disc, or anything else. I know it's common on Windows, but it's one of the reasons that Windows is so damn insecure. (No, a Mac will not automatically run a program off of a disc or thumb drive. Neither will Linux. That's how you know you're using a real operating system.

3) It takes up room on the thumb drive. So, you may think, you can just delete the files. Nope! They're protected. So, maybe you can format the drive. Y'know, I tried that, on my Mac. It did get rid of the files, but there's a hidden partition. When I plugged my virgin thumb drive into a friend's PC, the damn thumb drive reloaded the files from the Internet. So, how do you get rid of the damn stuff? You have to get a program from the vendor that deletes the U3 crap. Of course, it's Windows only. So, you're kinda fucked if you're a pure Mac or Linux guy. Luckily, I'm not quite that pure. So I fired up VMWare and then fired up Windows 2000. And then I ran the program and cleaned the crap off my thumb drive.

So, why did I buy a thumb drive with U3 on it? Because it was 16 gigs for $25, which is a decent deal. That's why!

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