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Posted: Thursday September 17 2015 @ 6:47pm

Religious Order: Toys

So, let's talk a little about comics. I had been getting a little bored with my pull-sheet and shook things up. (This will get around to 3D printing. Just hold on.) I stopped any of my usual books that no longer thrilled me and added a bunch of women-centric ones, be it creators or protagonists. Frankly, it's rekindled my love of comics. That's where much of the intersting stuff is happening.

Easily my favorite is The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. It's goofy, fun, and hilarious. I'm also a long-time Squirrel Girl fan. The most recent issue involved Asgard. Loki offered to do impressions and Cat Thor was requested. Loki spent most of the remaining pages dressed as Thor, with a huge cat head. It was glorious! At one point, he struck down a foe with his mighty hammer Mewnir! Mewnir is Mjolnir, with cat ears and a cat face drawn on one of the long faces of the hammer.

Here's where we get to the 3D printing. I was pushing up against a work deadline, and was feeling a little fried. So I took a bit of a break and whipped up a 3D model of Mewnir, suitable for 3D printing. I tossed it up on Tumblr, brought it to the attention of the creators of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and was rewarded with a couple hundred notes, which is a couple hundred more notes than posts of mine usually garner.

I also ordered myself a few Mewnirs from Shapeways, to make sure the model actually worked. It did!

To be honest, the facial features get a little lost in the graininess of the objects. My solution was to color the raised features just a bit. At first, I was going to try some paint Sharpies. I've used them before on 3D printed objects. The problems are that the paint spreads a little too much and one wrong move indelibly marks a piece.

My solution was to get some colored pencils, which worked great. It was fairly easy to just color the raised sections, which made them stand out much better.

So I set up a Tumblr blog solely for Mewnir-related information as well as a web page on the blog site with links to all the STL files and related pages on Shapeways.

The next step? Order one in steel, to use as a pendant! Luckily, Shapeways had a sale on metal a couple days back, so I ordered one!

(Although someone else has already done the pendant thing with some plastic ones.)

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