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Reflections on Vegas

Posted: Monday December 15 2008 @ 6:40pm

Religious Order: Travel

Just got back from Vegas. Well, I got back last Thursday. And I started this post on my iPod touch on the plane home. But I started feeling car-sick. Air-sick. Whatever. So I'm finishing it now, at home. Here are some reflections of Vegas:

First off, it isn't as much fun as it used to be. The noise and lights are less entrancing, more annoying. It doesn't help that they've bled out much of the aesthetic appeal it used to hold for me. No clanking coins anymore. Many machines lack a pull-handle. (Some one-armed bandits they are.) More and more machines are purely video. I miss handling coins. I miss yanking on levers. I miss physically spinning reels. I know I can't win. I'm too good at math to think otherwise. All I really have is an aesthetic experience.

Craps has a lot of aesthetic appeal, but honestly, there's only one bet to make. Don't pass, take the full odds, rinse, repeat.

I was out taking multi-exposure photos. I had my tripod set up by one of the many statues of nekkid women by Caesar's Palace when three kids walked by and started saying that it would be fun to pose with the statue. So I offered to take their photo.

I figured I'd take it with their camera, but no, they wanted me to use mine. So I did. Then I took one with their cell phone. (Which didn't turn out at all.) They seemed surprised when I told them that they could find their photo on Flickr. I'm not sure they knew what Flickr was. Well, the girls were cute and they were nice kids. So here are the photos of them, with flash and without.

If you accept every escort trading card handed to you on the street, you'll collect a two-inch-high stack in the course of a few blocks. (More on these in another post.)

Continental is the last decent airline. The flights were on time. The staff were all nice. The snacks were actually good. It's like I was flying 10 years in the past. (The worst? Northwest. It's bad enough that the airline itself sucks. But you nearly always have to fly through O'Hare. O'Hare sucks, too.)

Apple stores are great. Since everyone has the same toys as you, they can quickly point you to the correct Mini-DVI-to-VGA dongle that you left at home. The insufferable smugness is just an added bonus.

Getting nearly 400 people to sing a modified version of Y.M.C.A. is a load of fun.

The Ellis Island Casino and Brewery raised their prices on their ribs, but they're still a good deal.

Joe's is not a good steakhouse.

Cab drivers will take you to your hotel via the highway if you're not careful. This is a rip-off. Taking the normal roads is faster. They also won't let you share a cab from the airport with a stranger. Really. They'll refuse. I guess they're just trying to protect their business. If they ever extend the monorail to the airport, gonna be some cabbies out of work.

The new Mirage Volcano only blows its top once an hour. But there are no signs telling you that.

Ummm, I guess that's it. I thought I had more to say. Guess not!

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