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Posted: Thursday January 12 2017 @ 6:36pm

Religious Order: Politics

(Copied From My Facebook Wall)

So, there are really two groups with skin in the ACA game right now:

  1. People who couldn't get insurance before and finally could with the ACA.
  2. People who could get insurance before and are being hit with higher premiums after the ACA.

I have sympathy for both groups, although I have more sympathy for the first group because I don't value people based on the amount of income they generate. I think it's pretty shitty for some in the second group to clamor for getting rid of the ACA without any concern about the first group.

That said, again, sympathy for both groups. But I wonder, does that second group understand that the problem with the ACA is that it's, essentially, a love letter to the insurance industry? It's a Republican approach to health insurance. The actual solution isn't to replace it with something more draconian. The solution is to replace it with real socialized health care, like, gee, EVERY OTHER FIRST WORLD COUNTRY ON THE PLANET!!!

Oops, sorry, that was inaccurate. Saying "every other first world country" implies that we're currently a first world country. We're not. We were on our way, but that's fucked now. What we are are a bunch of cowboy wanna-bees, in love with a rootin-tootin quasi-anarchism founded on a shallow understanding of freedom.

I do have real sympathy for that second group, misguided as some of them are. I even have sympathy for the ones calling for a repeal of the ACA, but the solution isn't stepping back from the ACA.

You can't solve health care needs via a free market, folks. Consumers of health care are not free actors. This is a situation where we should be sharing the burden across everyone.

Seriously, take a step back and ponder why employers are responsible for providing health insurance. It's a half-assed solution to a problem. Other countries have figured this out.

And what's really annoying is that lots of those folks being hit with higher premiums are folks trying to achieve the American dream of building their own companies and businesses. So I understand their frustration. They're reached a level of success that now punishes them on health insurance.

The thing is, we as a society should be encouraging entrepreneurs by lessening these sorts of burdens. Frankly, there's no way I'd be a consultant without my wife's work-provided health insurance. I marvel at the folks I know who run small businesses and have to foot large insurance bills. If we want to actually encourage small businesses, and I think we should, we need to shoulder the burden of health costs across society, not on the backs of those folks.

I'm guessing part of the problem with the ACA is that the amount of backs across which the shared burden currently sits is rather small. So I understand those folks feeling put-upon. If only there was a solution...

Meanwhile, I have good affordable insurance. Why? Because the college where my wife works, and by extension the state, has greater leverage than if it were just me.

If only that leverage could be extended nationally...

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