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Posted: Sunday August 17 2008 @ 12:41pm

Religious Order: Travel

I returned from a trip to Dallas on Friday. And I forgot to bring tons of things with me. What sorts of things?

I forgot my oatmeal. I usually bring oatmeal packets with me and make it in the morning using the coffee-maker.

I forgot tea. I had even picked up some tea-bags specifically to bring along. Forgot them. Had to scrounge through my backpack. Managed to find three.

I forgot my MacBook power supply. Had to buy a new one. Of course, being a Mac, I had to buy an Apple power supply. (Apple has a patent on the connector.) That was a cool $80. On the other hand, I was meaning on picking up an extra one to just keep in my travel bag. (I already do this with my cell phone power supply.)

I forgot my MacBook to VGA display adapter. The sucky thing was I didn't realize the fact until later in the week, after I had already been out shopping for a power supply. I don't use the adapter at home, so it's usually just left in my travel bag. But we had cleaned out the travel bag for our trip to Norway.

I forgot to bring chocolate for a friend.

I think there's more, but I'm forgetful.

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