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Fuck You, Apple!

Posted: Monday June 22 2009 @ 7:57am

Religious Order: Technology

So, the iPhone OS version 3.0 is out. And it costs $9.95? Fuck you Apple!

Here's what you get:

  1. Buy movies, TV shows, and audiobooks via WiFi
  2. Stereo Bluetooth headphones
  3. Peer-to-peer gaming via Bluetooth
  4. Cut, Copy, and Paste
  5. Landscape keyboard in more built-in apps
  6. Spotlight search

Okay, let's look at this, bullet-by-bullet:

  1. Who cares? How often am I going to need to do this? Like, never? I don't download movies, I rip them from DVD. I don't watch much TV and what I do watch tends to be old TV shows, like the Mary Tyler Moore show, which I buy on DVD and then rip. And I don't listen to books. I read them.
  2. Can't use. First gens don't have Bluetooth.
  3. Ditto.
  4. Should have been in the OS from the start.
  5. Ditto.
  6. Who cares? How much actual data do you think is in one of these? On my desktop, cross-application searching is very useful. But on an 8 gig device? Not so much.

So, toting it up, we have 2 don't cares, 2 can't uses, and 2 features that should have been in the goddamn OS from the start. Again, fuck you Apple!

And the worst thing? I'm gonna have to buy it to get the 2 things that should have been there at the start.

I've realized that there are 2 Apple companies. One makes great computers with a great OS built on open standards. The other makes consumer devices and services that'll ram you up the ass at every opportunity!

(So, why do I have an iPod touch? Got it free with an iMac. I would not pay money for an iPod of any sort. And I don't buy a damn thing through iTunes. Damn kids! Git offa my lawn!)

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