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PolkaDot 1.5 Released

Posted: Friday August 15 2008 @ 7:46am

Religious Order: PolkaDot

Finally! A new release of PolkaDot. Here are the latest changes:

XHTML Compliance
PolkaDot output is now XHTML compliant. Of course, your posts may wreck it. (Mine do.) Future versions will try to protect against that better.

Changed vs. Updated Date Toggle
PolkaDot sorts posts by date. You can now choose whether to use "changed" date or "updated" date as the "posted on" date. The former is the date the file's content was last changed. The latter is the date any of the file's metadata was changed. I was trying allow a sort of file creation date, so you could fix older posts without moving them to the top of the posts. But, on my server, FTPing a file up appears to change the metadata, so it makes no difference.

Language Localization
All static strings in PolkaDot are now defined in config.php for easy customization and language localization. If you translate PolkaDot into another language, feel free to send me your config.php file and I'll make it available on the PolkaDot site.

I also have some documentation additions, specifically, how to add PolkaDot Search as a Search Engine on your Firefox Search Bar!

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