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Why I Hate the Tea Party and Tea-Baggers

Posted: Friday April 15 2011 @ 7:39pm

Religious Order: Politics

I really hate the Tea Party and their idiot Tea-Baggers. Oh sure, I hate their politics, which are monumentally stupid, as well as racist. (How can anyone claim to be taxed enough already in an era of historically low taxes? Seriously? How fucking stupid are these people? And then the President lowered theirs even more. Why don't they love him? Oh yeah, he's black. And a secret Muslin [sic].)

But what really ticks me off is the same thing that ticks me off about the movie The Replacements. See, whenever I want to search the web for info about the last great band, I get a bunch of results for a mediocre movie mixed in. (I'm assuming it's mediocre. After all, it stars Keanu Reeves.)

The same thing with these moranic [sic] Tea Party folks. Interested in the real Boston Tea Party? Make sure you stick Boston in the query.

Or maybe you're interested in actual tea parties, where people drink tea and nosh on nummies? Good luck. I hope your little girl wasn't searching for the info.

Even the word tea gets corrupted. Google does fine. But every time I try to find local tea lovers through something like MeetUp, I get results for the local band of political idiots.

But the worst thing? Whenever I'm searching for photos of innocent scrotal suckling, I get bombarded with images of heavy-handed tea-bagger politics and parody. It's just not right!

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