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The (Sorta) Return of Stikfas and Xevoz...

Posted: Saturday July 06 2013 @ 4:47pm

Religious Order: Toys

(This is gonna be a short post. Gots me other things to do tonight.)

Okay, neither Stikfas nor Xevoz is actually returning, but there are a couple folks trying to do something very similar. The idea is to mass-produce bare-bones figures, then augment them with accessories that are 3D-printed on demand. Pretty sweet idea.

They have a KickStarter going. As of this posting, they have less than a week left and they're not quite to their goal. If you aren't as awesome as me, it's likely you never had a chance to try out Stikfas or Xevoz figures. This is truly your loss, but now you have another chance. I strongly urge that you back them. (No, not you... to the left... no... a bit more... yes, you!)

The downsides, as I see them are two-fold. First, there's really no indication of the exact scale. What I want to know is whether I can connect these up to my vast collection of Stikfas and Xevoz parts. They seem to have a second line available on Shapeways that is explicitly compatible with Zevox, suggesting that the model on Kickstarter isn't.

The second downside is that much of their selection of accessories via the Kickstarter consists of, frankly, reproductions of old Stikfas sets. There's loads of potential in the concept, but I would have liked to see more of that potential realized right up front.

Avatar for Tommy Tommy blathered on about something on Saturday July 13 2013 @ 6:24am

Just a note that they made their goal.

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