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Yet Another Reason Why the Yankees are Bad for Baseball

Posted: Friday May 28 2010 @ 5:58am

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Battling for the lead in this year's All-Star voting are the Twins' Justin Morneau and the Yankees' Mark Teixeira.

As you could probably guess, the hordes of uninformed Yankee fans are putting Teixeira on top. Just how stupid is this? Take a gander at their respective offensive stats:

Category Justin Morneau Mark Teixeira
Average .377 .216
Slugging .685 .378
OBP .493 .326
HR 11 7

Yeah, that's pretty fucking stupid.

Defensively, it's a wash. Neither has yet to commit an error.

Why is this even close? Because the Yankees are bad for baseball.

Avatar for Tommy Tommy blathered on about something on Monday June 21 2010 @ 7:20am

Update: Morneau moved into first place in the voting, my distain for the average baseball fan diminished by a teeny amount.

Avatar for Raychelle Raychelle blathered on about something on Wednesday January 15 2014 @ 3:22am

Best imopissern was Damon. Worst imopissern was Gardner because he should've turned around to see the ball in the catcher's mitt as he was listening to Joan Baez' rendition of Blue Bayou.

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