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PolkaDot 1.4.1 Released

Posted: Friday August 15 2008 @ 7:46am

Religious Order: PolkaDot

PolkaDot 1.4.1 is officially released!

The major feature in 1.4.1 is the new full-text searching capability, compliments of the vast PolkaDot Developer Community. It works great.

The search feature also lets you select posts by month by searching for an appropriate regular expression.

Check both features out on the demo site.

Additionally, there are a number of code tweaks, primarily regarding initializing variables and checking that data structures exist before accessing them. Many PHP installations don't really care. But some are configured a little more stringently and throw warnings if things aren't done correctly. Many thanks to Petri in Finland, and John with the Spamex Disposable Email Address, for their help in finding and fixing these bugs.

So, why 1.4.1 instead of 1.4? Well, I was changing the version number in the RSS feed generator tag. And I mistakenly deleted an angle bracket. Ouch. Kills the feed. And, of course, I didn't test the feed before releasing it on Freshmeat as 1.4. So I did a quickie 1.4.1 release, with the angle bracket restored. (However, I forgot to then change the generator version number from 1.4 to 1.4.1, Oh well. I am not doing a 1.4.2 release just to fix that.)

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