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More Scalia Craziness

Posted: Thursday October 10 2013 @ 1:07pm

Religious Order: Politics

Constitutionalists are anything but. They're typically racist, sexist assholes trying to preserve the inequities of the past. Here's a nice post on the subject: Scalia and the 9th Amendment.

And here's my rant from a few years back: The Fallacy of Strict Constitutionalism.

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A Bunch of Assholes

Posted: Wednesday June 26 2013 @ 6:26am

Religious Order: Politics


I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Supreme Court striking down part of the Voting Rights Act. Their argument seems to be that the formula used in it is no longer valid, outdated. To which I respond:

How the fuck would a bunch of white guys know the extent to which this stuff is still needed? Do they have any fucking idea? (Thomas gets a bye on this, although I'm convinced he actually thinks he's white.)

And since when is it the court's job to decide whether Congress did due diligence? Congress re-authorized it, thereby explicitly saying they're okay with it as it stands. This is the exact sort of rank activism the right wing of the court claims to detest.

The court seems to be saying that the concept of pre-clearance is okay, it's just that Congress is using an outdated formula. So, can Congress pass a new formula? What if it ends up covering the same states. What if it's the same states, plus Florida? What will the court say then? Will they give it a thumbs up? Or will they come up with some other excuse? Take a wild guess.

Maybe there's a simpler explanation, like, I dunno, they're fucking assholes who don't care whether people with which they disagree actually get to vote? Of course, that's not true. The truth is that the actively want these folks to not be able to vote.

I guess the bottom line is that the court is saying Yeah, we buy the concept, but Congress didn't implement the concept to our satisfaction. To which I just shake my head. In what possible judicial philosophy is that something the court does? At least we can all stop pretending who the actual activist judges are.

Well, maybe I'm overreacting. After all, it's not as if there have been recent attempts at restricting voting. No, none at all.

Doesn't ensuring that everyone can vote trump all other Constitutional considerations? It's the bedrock on which representational government rests.


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Lesser of Two Evils?

Posted: Wednesday August 22 2012 @ 2:20pm

Religious Order: Politics

Here's the thing I don't get about Todd Akin and Paul Ryan. Which is worse:

  1. Someone who thinks raped women have some mechanism which prevents pregnancy and thus doesn't think that abortions should be allowed, even in the case of rape, or
  2. Someone who realizes that, of course, raped women don't have any such mechanism and still doesn't think that abortions should be allowed, even in cases of rape?

Obviously person #1 is a truly stupid sack-o-shit. But isn't person #2 more evil than person #1?

Leaving aside the fact that pegging personhood at the moment of conception makes no sense, biologically speaking. Nor is it really Biblically-based, either. (Not that being Biblically-based should matter at all.)

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We're Looking at Healthcare Rights Wrong

Posted: Thursday June 28 2012 @ 11:39am

Religious Order: Politics

So the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare. I'm happy. I do wonder whether Roberts is basically betting that Obama will win again in November and is positioning himself to work with a possibly more liberal court in the future. While I think he's an ass, he's clearly not as bat-shit insane as Scalia and Thomas. (Then again, most people as bat-shit insane as Scalia are in padded rooms. Or on Fox News.)

But that's not about which I want to write. I have a theory related to the health care debate. It's not fully fleshed out but I think it's interesting. It deals with how we talk about the right to health care. I think we're phrasing it wrong and it hurts the cause of those of us who want a sane system, like all the rest of the civilized world.

When we talk about a right to health care, that's how we phrase it, as a right to health care. And that leads to two responses by the other side. One response is that of self-responsibility. People don't deserve health care, they need to earn it. (Left unexplained is why access to health care should be linked to the ability to earn income, as if the ability to earn income is the objective ultimate sign of general worthiness.)

The other response is the oddball one you get from Libertarians, in which a right to health care means slavery for doctors. If you're going to provide health care, then you'll have to force doctors to provide it.

It's that second response that started me thinking. Libertarians don't complain when the government provides law enforcement to protect their property ownership rights. Nor do they complain that the county may certify surveyors and maintains a records office to document some of those property rights. And why not? Because no one says there's a right to a records office. Instead, there's a right to buy and own property. A records office is merely a government provided service to enable folks to pursue the ownership of property.

Why don't we look at health care in the same way? We should be talking about a right to pursue good health, with access to health care being an enabling service. After all, health care providers don't hand out health. My doctor can't make me be healthy. All he can really do is provide advice, expertise, and tools to help me keep myself healthy. Maybe we should stop talking about the enabling service as being the actual right. After all, a right to pursue good health fits into two of the three pieces of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And, it also puts the proper focus on self-responsibility. Easy access to health enables people to actually be responsible for themselves. Again, health providers don't hand out health. They only provide advice, expertise, and tools which help other be responsible. Doctors can't cure my diabetes. But they can provide the tests and medications that help me control it. The onus is still on me. It's up to me to pursue good health. If folks really were concerned about self-responsibility, they would welcome easy access to health care as an enabler. Or, rather, as the removal of an excuse for any failures on my part.

Of course, there is no such thing as an objective right. We have whatever rights we as a society decide we have. Harsh, but true.

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DHS No-No Words

Posted: Tuesday May 29 2012 @ 6:47pm

Religious Order: Politics

So, for which words does DHS look in order to mark sites as suspicious? Well, it's currently only available as scans of a handbook. But I've copied them to a PDF and will patiently wait for Google to OCR them into editable text. Hee hee hee!

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Posted: Friday May 11 2012 @ 8:33am

Religious Order: Politics

Sometimes atheists joke that we can't wait for the Rapture to actually happen and take all the most annoying Christians away.

Personally, I'm waiting for Libertarians to go Galt already and leave the rest of us to continue maintaining civilization. Seriously, go off somewhere, set up your Libertarian paradise, and stop suckling off the teat of the very social contract you claim to reject.

But no, it's whine whine whine about being subjected to a social contract to which they didn't consent, even though they're providing implied consent by staying within the society.

Just fucking leave already.

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Can't Take Much More

Posted: Thursday March 29 2012 @ 6:30am

Religious Order: Politics

I posted this on Facebook, as a series of comments. I think it's good enough to be a blog post:

I don't know if I can take much more stupidity surrounding the Martin shooting. But here are some tips to avoid looking stupid:

(If I get any of these wrong, please tell me.)

1) Things like Stand Your Ground are a defense, not a Not-Get-Arrested card. Think about it. How do we know Zimmerman reasonably felt threatened? Via sworn witnesses and other evidence. What's the forum for presenting that evidence? That would be a trial.

As long as there's enough evidence to get past a Grand Jury, he ought to be arrested. Zimmerman's disregard of the 911 operator and his own admitted chasing of Martin would bring enough doubt to his Stand Your Ground defense to get past a Grand Jury.

2) That photo of Martin with his drawers hangin' low and giving the finger isn't him.

3) Even if that photo was of him, even if he's a bad, bad kid, it still doesn't matter. Unless Zimmerman has prior knowledge of that, it doesn't support his claims of reasonably fearing harm.

4) Innocent Until Proven Guilty isn't a general rule, it's a legal concept. You can't point to it if Zimmerman hasn't even been arrested yet. You can certainly say that you think people should reserve judgement, but me thinking and even saying that Zimmerman is probably racist scum looking for trouble isn't violating some Innocent Until Proven Guilty right.

5) Arrest isn't the same as conviction. People are upset that Zimmerman hasn't been arrested. I don't think anyone is suggesting that he should be thrown in prison without trial.

(Now, afterwords, when people go fucking nuts that the case wasn't decided the way they think it should be and start talking about street justice, then you can complain about them.)

6) In the US, jails are typically where you hold folks before trial, if they weren't granted or couldn't make bail. Prisons are typically where they go if they're convicted. Saying you think Zimmerman should be in jail means you think he should have been arrested and not allowed bail. Saying you think he should be in prison means you think he should have been found guilty.

So, it's perfectly fine for me to say I think he should be in jail. But I wasn't there, so I can't say whether he should be in prison. (Pedantic, but important.)

Here's a great post arguing, convincingly I think, that the Stand Your Ground defense doesn't apply at all in this case.

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Iowa Nice

Posted: Wednesday January 04 2012 @ 8:25am

Religious Order: Politics

And, let us not forget that Cresco is the Birthplace of Genius.

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Forbidden in Pakistan

Posted: Monday November 21 2011 @ 8:36am

Religious Order: Politics

The 1109 words/phrases you can't say in a text message in Pakistan:

Anal, Anal Annie, Anal Sex, Analannie, Analsex, Anus, Arse, Ass, Ass Bagger, Ass Blaster, Ass Clown, Ass Cowboy, Ass Fuck, Ass Fucker, Ass Hole, Ass Holes, Ass Hore, Ass Jockey, Ass Kiss, Ass Kisser, Ass Klown, Ass Lick, Ass Licker, Ass Lover, Ass Man, Ass Monkey, Ass Munch, Ass Muncher, Ass Packer, Ass Pirate, Ass Puppies, Ass Ranger, Ass Whore, Ass Wipe, Assbagger, Assblaster, Assclown, Asscowboy, Assfuck, Assfucker, Asshole, Assholes, Asshore, Assjockey, Asskiss, Asskisser, Assklown, Asslick, Asslicker, Asslover, Assman, Assmonkey, Assmunch, Assmuncher, Asspacker, Asspira Te, Asspuppies, Assranger, Asswhore, Asswipe, Athletes Foot, Athletesfoot, Axing The Weasel, B Hard, Back Door, Back Door Man, Backdoor, Backdoorman, Backsea T, Bad Ass, Bad Fuck, Badfuck, Ball Licker, Ball Sack, Balllicker, Ballsack, Banging, Barely Legal, Barelylegal, Barf, Barf Face, Barface, Barfface, Bastard, Bazongas, Bazooms, Beastality, Beastiality, Beat Off, Beat Your Meat, Beatoff, Bea T-Off, Bea Tyourmea T, Bi Sexual, Bia Tch, Big Ass, Big Bitch, Big Bitch, Big Butt, Bigass, Bigbastard, Bigbutt, Bisexual, Bi-Sexual, Bitch, Bitches, Bitchin, Bitchy, Bite Me, Biteme, Black Out, Blackout, Blow Job, Blowjob, Boner, Boobies, Boobs, Boody, Breast, Breast Job, Breast Lover, Breast Man, Breastjob, Breastlover, Breastman, Budweiser, Bull Crap, Bull Dike, Bull Dyke, Bull Shit, Bullcrap, Bulldike, Bulldyke, Bullshit, Bumble Fuck, Bumblefuck, Bumfuck, Bunghole, Butch Babes, Butch Dike, Butch Dyke, Butchbabes, Butchdike, Butchdyke, Butt Bang, Butt Fuck, Butt Fucker, Butt Fuckers, Butt Head, Butt Man, Butt Plug, Butt Stain, Buttbang, Butt-Bang, Buttface, Buttfuck, Butt-Fuck, Buttfucker, Butt-Fucker, Buttfuckers, Butt-Fuckers, Butthead, Buttman, Buttpira Te, Buttplug, Buttstain, Camel Toe, Cameltoe, Carpet Muncher, Carpetmuncher, Carruth, Cherry Popper, Cherrypopper, Chick Slick, Chickslick, Clam Digger, Clam Diver, Clamdigger, Clamdiver, Clit, Clitoris, Cock, Cock Block, Cock Blocker, Cock Cowboy, Cock Fight, Cock Knob, Cock Licker, Cock Lover, Cock Nob, Cock Queen, Cock Rider, Cock Smith, Cock Sucker, Cock Tail, Cock Tease, Cockblock, Cockblocker, Cockcowboy, Cockfight, Cockhead, Cockknob, Cocklicker, Cocklover, Cocknob, Cockqueen, Cockrider, Cocks Man, Cocksman, Cocksmith, Cocksucer, Cocksucker, Cocktail, Cocktease, Cocky, Condom, Copula Te, Corn Hole, Cornhole, Crack Pipe, Crack Whore, Crackpipe, Crackwhore, Crack-Whore, Crap, Crappy, Creamy, Crotch, Crotch Jockey, Crotch Monkey, Crotch Rot, Crotchjockey, Crotchmonkey, Crotchrot, Cum, Cum Bubble, Cum Fest, Cum Jockey, Cum Quat, Cum Queen, Cum Shot, Cumbubble, Cumfest, Cumjockey, Cumm, Cumming, Cumqua T, Cumqueen, Cumshot, Cunnilingus, Cunt, Cunt Fuck, Cunt Fucker, Cunt Licker, Cuntfuck, Cuntfucker, Cuntlicker, Cyber Sex, Cyber Slimer, Cybersex, Cyberslimer, Dahmer, Damn, Damn It, Damnit, Da Tnigga, Deap Throat, Deaper, Deapthroat, Deep Throat, Deeper, Deepthroat, Defeca Te, Deposit, Devil, Dick Brain, Dick Fart, Dick For 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You're welcome.

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What Should Worry the Rich

Posted: Friday July 15 2011 @ 6:31am

Religious Order: Politics

So, the 400 richest Americans have seen their taxes cut in half over the past decade. And Republicans would rather have the country in default than actually raise those taxes.

And, every time I hear about the 400 richest Americans, I wonder if those 400 are worried about this:

If I were one of those 400, this would keep me awake at night.

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