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Posted: Friday May 08 2009 @ 9:08am

Religious Order: Politics

I was pondering the rise of Ayn Rand while taking my daily walk and realized something new, for me at least.

The appeal of Rand (and of Objectivism and Libertarianism) to a certain segment of the population is clear. I'm talking, of course, about successful white people who don't (want to) realize how much of their success comes from the fact that they're white. (I'm using white as a general term for in a socially favorable position.)

Basically, Rand appeals to people who rose to success by dint of their social position, but want to pretend that they did it all themselves. That's not the new part.

See, I was reading a blog. It's a nice little personal blog. And the writer is living an ordinary life, like most of us. She's in a low-level job. She doesn't have wads of cash lying around, but she's managing okay. She's been reading Rand's Atlas Shrugged and she's enthralled with it and with Objectivism. And, I couldn't figure out why. After all, she wasn't having an extraordinarily successful life. Did she really think she was one of the productive elite in the book? Did she really think that Rand would view her as such? Why would someone who is not terribly successful embrace a philosophy based on success?

And then it came to me. It's the flip-side of the earlier group. Rand also appeals to people who haven't risen to success, because it gives them an excuse for their failure. If only government would stop its infernal social-leveling and let them be free, they would succeed.

This led me to a two-step procedure for determining whether someone would be susceptible to Rand's philosophy:

  1. Are you successful?
  2. Is it due to your own efforts?

Applied to white folks, a "Yes/Yes" or a "No/No" would suggest Randian leanings.

Then I tried expanding this a little and came up with the following decision tree:

Decision Tree

The reason for the Are you white? question is simple. If you've landed on those spots and you're white, you're fooling yourself about the nature of your success, or lack thereof.

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What About Austin?

Posted: Friday April 17 2009 @ 6:00am

Religious Order: Politics

Is Texas seceding?

No, I don't think they'll actually try such a thing. It would be doomed to failure anyway.

But, what if they did secede?

Nick Silver crunches the electoral numbers. But I had a different concern.

What about Austin? That's where all the cool people like Dawn (whom you don't know), Bob Mould (whom you should), and Willie Nelson live. That's where all the liberals in Texas live. (I think there's a law or something.) We couldn't just abandon them!

We'd have to build an Austin Wall around the city. (Yeah, like the Berlin Wall. Only we would be building it.) We'd have to airlift in supplies! (Yeah, like the Berlin Airlift.) Obama would be giving I am an Austiner speeches.

The other thing is, once Texas seceded, we would need to immediately invade under our We Can Do Whatever The Fuck We Want If It Means Getting Us Some More Fucking Oil! policy.

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Fuck Ronald Reagan

Posted: Friday February 06 2009 @ 7:26pm

Religious Order: Politics

I'm glad he's dead.

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Posted: Wednesday January 21 2009 @ 4:59pm

Religious Order: Politics

Important men, pondering the important issues of the day!

Tommy and Obama

What could they be pondering? The state of the economy? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Our crumbling infrastructure? Why Chief Justice Roberts can't read a goddamn Oath correctly?

Tommy and Obama

(It ain't Tild~, but I still like it.)

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The Oath of Office

Posted: Tuesday January 20 2009 @ 12:24pm

Religious Order: Politics

I hope every Conservative yammering about the need to give up our freedoms for the sake of safety listened to the goddamn oath today. Notice it says the President swears to protect the Constitution, not the American people.

Wah wah wah! George Bush kept us safe. Wah wah wah!

Keeping us safe wasn't his goddamn job! Protecting the Constitution on which he regularly pissed was!

I did love the mass singing of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye as Dubya's chopper flew away. (I also loved the boos when it later landed.)

And I loved Aretha's hat!

I'm pleased Obama mentioned non-believers. As usual, I'm dismayed by all the sermons. I really don't get why that's a part of a Presidential Inauguration. If I went around publicly denying the existence of a god as much as politicians invoke one, I'd get stoned to death. And not the fun kind of stoned, either.

I particularly disliked the one before lunch, where the guy prayed that Obama and Biden's actions would be pleasing to the Lord. WTF? The Lord didn't fucking elect these guys. The people did. Whatever their personal loyalty, their loyalty as Pres and Veep are to the people, not to their god. Shit, JFK knew this.

Well, at least we finally have grown-ups in charge. Eight years of the drunken frat boy and his evil master were eight years too much.

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Posted: Tuesday January 13 2009 @ 1:10pm

Religious Order: Politics

Yeah, I know. Sometimes Al Sharpton seems like a buffoon. But, sometimes, he is exactly fucking right!

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WSJ Reamed

Posted: Monday January 05 2009 @ 6:30pm

Religious Order: Politics

Want to see Nate Silver tear the Wall Street Journal a new one?

Just as amusing are all the anal-retentives correcting typos in the comments. (Although, admittedly, typos in a URL are just plain embarrassing.)

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How Fast Can You Turn the Titanic?

Posted: Wednesday November 05 2008 @ 4:58am

Religious Order: Politics

Well, I couldn't sleep Monday night, so I went to bed at 8am and missed all the election coverage.

Anyway, mostly great, a little bad.



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John McCain Has A Future

Posted: Sunday November 02 2008 @ 11:44am

Religious Order: Politics

John McCain on SNL!

Damn, McCain can be really funny! He's poking loads of fun at himself and his campaign. How can this be the same guy running those dumb-shit socialist ads?

Oh yeah. Writers.

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All Obama, All The Time

Posted: Sunday November 02 2008 @ 10:01am

Religious Order: Politics

We're getting deluged with robo-calls. So far, they're running about 2-3 McCain calls for every 1 Obama call. The striking thing is that 100% of the calls are talking about Obama. The Obama calls tell us how great he'll do. The McCain calls try to scare us! Oooo! Obama's gonna take my money and give it to poor people! (Good! They need it more than I do!)

At this point, I would vote for William Ayers himself before I voted for a Republican. Hell, I'd vote for Jeremiah Wright, no problem! (Actually, other than the religious stuff, I don't find a whole lot in Wright's sermons with which I disagree. It always amazes me that so many white folks are surprised that blacks are still angry about stuff. Why shouldn't they be? They're still getting screwed over all the damn time!)

What pisses me off most is fucking Libby Dole. At a time when the country needs to pull together, these assholes want to reignite a disastrous culture war.

Ayers/Wright 2012: Incendiary Leaders for Incendiary Times!

Damn, yet another T-shirt I need to make.

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