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Posted: November 01 2021 6:30:08am

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PolkaDot now has a real live user-base. That's right. This is no longer the only PolkaDot powered blog on the net.

PolkaDot is proud to present the UW-HEP IT Blog!

The what? It's short for "University of Wisconsin High Energy Physics Core Information Technology Blog." How cool is that? The first real PolkaDot user is into High Energy Physics. (I took just enough physics in college to know that Steve the High Energy Physics Guy must be pretty smart.)

Not only is Steve actually using PolkaDot in the real world, he's enhancing the software.

If you've tried paging back to earlier posts, you may have noticed that PolkaDot lets you page back to before the first post. In fact, it'll let you page back as far as you like. (I suppose at some point the variable holding the post number will overflow.) Steve fixed it. Very nicely, too.

He also added some configuration options that were long overdue, like the format of the posted date, whether to provide an RSS feed, and what to call that list-o-links on the right.

These enhancements all fit well into the PolkaDot design philosophy and will be included in the next official release.

Thanks Steve!

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