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Current Release

PolkaDot 1.5 adds XHTML compliance, post ordering by either changed date or updated date, and the placement of all static strings into the config.php file for easy customization and language localization:

Previous Releases

PolkaDot 1.4 adds full-text searching, courtesy of the vast PolkaDot Developer Community. This release also has some cleaned up code which should prevent PHP from throwing warnings on some installations. PolkaDot 1.4.1 fixes an unfortunate typo that broke the RSS feeds. PolkaDot 1.4.2 initializes a variable that was left uninitialized, throwing a warning on some installations:

PolkaDot 1.3 refines the paging mechanism and adds the ability to put posts into multiple categories, via symlinks. This multiple category feature is intended for advanced users:

(Special thanks to the vast PolkaDot Developer Community for pretty much everything in version 1.3.)

PolkaDot 1.2 added paging back to earlier posts and category-specific RSS 2.0 feeds:

PolkaDot 1.1 added RSS 2.0 feeds:

PolkaDot 1.0 is the initial release. It's stable and works fine but lacks some functionality: