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PolkaDot Search Plug-in for FireFox/Mozilla

Install the Plug-in

Click here to install the FireFox Search Plugin for SexyRedHeadedNuns.org!

About the Plugin

Creating a Search Plug-in is a three-step process:

1) Make the plug-in code
The first step is to make a file called whatever.src. For the PolkaDot demo site, I used sexynuns.src. Here's what's in it:

# PolkaDot Plug-in by tom@carlson.org

  description="Search SexyRedHeadedNuns.org"

<input name="search" user>

  charset = "UTF-8"

2) Make a graphic
The second step is to make a small graphic file. It should be 16x16 pixels. I recommend saving is as a PNG. The name should be the same as above, only with a different extension. Here's what sexynuns.png looks like.

3) Make the installation page
Finally, you need an HTML page that lets your users install the plug-in. Look at the source of this page for an example. (I really wasn't in the mood to replicate it all in the page itself.)

And that's it! Now you can search sexyredheadednuns.org, or any PolkaDot-powered blog right from your FireFox Search Bar!