Wild Blackberry Shaman

Posted: November 01 2021 6:30:16am

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Okay, first off, I'm not really a fan of the name Wild Blackberry Shaman. (I would bet you cold hard cash that Kenneth named this one.) I just call it Blackberry Sage. You can call it that, too, and they'll know what you mean. This is one of the excellent house blends at Discover Teas. It's a hearty black tea base. (Sorry, don't remember exactly what type of black tea.) It's then flavored with blackberry and sage. The combination works amazingly well. The sage complements the blackberry while also cutting its sweetness. This isn't one of those really sweet teas. The blackberry comes through without any cloying sweetness.

Blackberry Sage makes for a great weekend tea for me. My wife hates the smell of smoked tea and many of my favorite strong teas have a smoked base. So I'm always on the search for a good strong tea that doesn't gain any of that strength in the form of smokiness. This one really fits that bill.

If they're low on this blend and need to mix up a new batch, they'll make it with extra sage for me. ('Cause that's how I like it.) It's just one of the many benefits of going to a local tea shop and getting to know the folks there. You can be damn sure a chain won't ask if you want your blackberry-sage blend heavy on the sage!

What else do I drink on a weekend? I'll tell you tomorrow.

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