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Posted: November 01 2021 6:30:16am

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Okay, I said I would describe some other week-end teas on Monday. So here we go!

As I mentioned on Monday, my wife hates the smell of smokey teas, which puts a limit on what I can drink on the weekend. Blackberry Sage is one alternative. What's the other? Why chocolate, of course!

Discover Teas does have a nice Chocolate tea. And, if I remember its formulation right, it doesn't depend on actual chunks of chocolate for the flavor, instead using strips of the cacao bean shell. The result is a really nice combination of a Sri Lankan black tea and chocolate. Neither overpowers the other.

Now, this isn't a house blend. But it does make for a great base for one of my favorite house blends, namely Yorktown Patty. The name is a combination of Yorktown and a York Peppermint Pattie, which should clue you into the nature of the blend. Basically, they mix the chocolate base with peppermint. Sounds simple, but the result is divine. The flavor is smooth and rich and, yes, like a peppermint patty, only in tea form. This is also a particularly aromatic tea. Just smelling the dry leaves is a pleasure. Once brewed, it makes its delightful presence known throughout the house.

I should note that you can also buy plenty of herbs there. So you can get just the peppermint, if you want to try mixing your own. Kenneth is also some sort of certified herbalist, so, y'know, you can also get expert herb advice.

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