Tea Spam: Pu'er tea

Posted: November 01 2021 6:30:16am

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Recently, I've been getting weird tea-related spam email. I'm redacting the website, even though the URL doesn't appear to actually work:

I learn through the website [redacted]: Pu'er tea is black tea, after a post-fermentation processing become the loose tea or pressed tea. The color of shape and brown red,the bright soup are red thick, aroma unique, taste mellow sweet,the tea leaves are red brown. older is better is Pu'er tea considered different from other teas, Pu'er tea is can entrance antique. older the tea, there are more concentrated tea perfume,and taste better. Pu'er tea is withstand brewing, about 20 grams of tea use 500 ml of boiling water to brew,can add boiling water more than 5 times, for that, drinking Pu'er tea both affordable and can make you healthier, life more quality.

These remind me of the Jimmy James version of my How to Make Tea page.

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