Tea Spam: Dianhong tea

Posted: November 01 2021 6:30:16am

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Recently, I've been getting weird tea-related spam email. I'm redacting the website, even though the URL doesn't appear to actually work:

I learn through the website [redacted]: Dianhong tea,also call Yunnan Black tea,is the famous of black tea varieties in world's tea market. Dianhong has been nearly fifty years history of production and sales. Black tea contains theaflavins and thearubigins items determine the quality of black tea, Both content is higher, the quality is better. Dianhong tea aroma, quality pure, fragrant taste, soup is red, superior quality. Dianhong tea is fit for drinking after a meal, can help digestion, and also as afternoon tea, together with the pastry, both can be refreshing, but also to supplement energy, is a beverage for most people.

These remind me of the Jimmy James version of my How to Make Tea page.

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