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Posted: Wednesday March 14 2012 @ 6:40am

Religious Order: Music

So, my last music review post wasn't very glowing. So here's one that is...

Deer Tick - Divine Providence

I was introduced to Deer Tick's brand of music by the guy who did the Replacements documentary. He said that Deer Tick has the same ramshackle go-for-broke feel as the Mats did. And I'll be damned if he wasn't right.

I don't know much about the band's music other than listening to their latest, Divine Providence. They're not from the Minneapolis area; they're from Rhode Island. But they sure sound like they could be. And I mean that in the best possible way.

It's almost like the Replacements had sloppy drunken sex with the Jayhawks and birthed something weird and wonderful.

I keep saying they, but it's really just one guy, John McCauley, with an ever-evolving band backing him. And McCauley himself swaggers with drunken abandon, possessing a voice like some unholy hybrid of Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson.

The album itself has thoughtful slower songs, sparse songs, loud songs, and a glorious drinking song.

Oh, and a wonderfully screwy video:

More Deer Tick CDs are on their way. Should arrive today!

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